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Clients Details
Brunei Shell Petroleum Maintenance Inspection and NDT Services Contract covering all offshore and onshore facilities
Brunei Shell Petroleum OCTG Inspection Services Contract (Drill Pipe)
SKSWood - Brunei Shell Fabrication and Construction Inspection Services Contract
Total E & P Borneo BV Offshore and onshore inspection and integrity management services
Brunei Ministry of Health Radiation Health Monitoring services
Sarawak Shell Berhad - Malaysia Advanced Inspection Services - TOFD
Petronas Gas Berhad - Malaysia Advanced Inspection Services - Mapscan, buried pipelines
Total Indonesia Advanced Inspection Services - GUL (LRUT) Offshore riser inspection
Shell Hazira - India & Guangdong Contractors - China LNG Storage Tanks - Specialized ultrasonic inspection
Brunei Shell Petroleum - OCP Lumut Visual, CCTV, UT and radiographic inspection (CP - X-Ray) of Duplex stainless steel pipe welds
Apache Energy - Australia Offshore pipeline inspection - construction
Western Mining Corporation - Australia Advanced Inspection Services - GUL (LRUT) on process piping
Petronas Methanol Labuan Sdn Bhd Advanced Inspection Services - Absorber vessels - TOFD
Routine & Advanced Inspection Services for various clients within Brunei Berakas Power Management Sdn Bhd, Royal Brunei Airlines, Adnin Works Engineering Sdn Bhd, Emas Laut Sdn Bhd, Sahid Sdn Bhd, Norada Sdn Bhd, Ondeo Nalco Singapore