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VPAC Digital Leak Detector

The latest digital electronics enhances the performance of this family of advanced instruments. Data storage locks in the visual and audio indicators of varying conditions and detection of leaks. The operator maximizes inspection capability while eliminating error in logging test results. Computer interface downloads stored readings for permanent record, archiving and further analysis. High sensitivity over a broadband of frequencies is ideal for diverse applications of leaks in a variety of structures.


5130 Digital Leak Detector
  • Activity Bar Display
  • Changeable Filters
  • 300 Data Point Storage
  • Intrinsically Safe Option
  • Battery Operated

5131 Intrinsically Safe Leak Detector
  • BASEEFA, Factory Mutual 5130 Leak Detector
  • Identifies Through-Valve Gas Losses
  • Loss Control for Refineries, Chemical Plant and Offshore Platforms
  • Fully Digital
  • Battery Operator
  • Field Proven